Computing Power Grids on Middleware

Computing power can be distributed in a way analogous to the electrical power distribution from electric grids. Users can simply get wired to the grid and draw electric power. Similarly users should be able to draw the computing power of a Network of Workstations (NOW). However, this is not an easy task. Load fluctuations in the nodes, heterogeneity in operating systems and architectures, etc. complicate the situation.

Distributed object middleware provide the infrastructure for Object Oriented (OO) programming of distributed systems. They provide features such as Remote Method Invocation (RMI), object naming and location, etc. However, they do not address issues specific to parallel programming over NOWs.

Thus, the main goal of this research is to investigate if middleware can be used for parallel programming of NOWs. Important features, which need to be incorporated into middleware, must be identified. By introducing these features, this work proposes to build a new middleware that provides a platform for transmission and distribution of computing power of a NOW. Further, this work also proposes to solve real world problems to demonstrate the viability of the platform.

Funding Agency: Departmant of Science and Technology
Duration: June, 2004 to May, 2007.

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