TOOLS for integration of software processors with Unified Reuse Artifacts

With the advent of economic liberalization and globalization, Indian industries have a host of opportunities and challenges open to them. While Indian software has an edge in the global market due to its lower costs, the quality of the end product cannot be overlooked. As Indian software industry matures in the global scenario, the decisive factor will be the quality of the products delivered.

Quality has indeed become a major driving force for entering the competitive mar kets. Companies have realized the importance of a sound industrial process, for improving quality. Indeed, many of the benchmark standards stress the need for sound industrial processes. Concepts like Total Quality Management (TQM), extend this to every aspect of industrial activity.

But developing and maintaining a good - let alone sound - process is a difficult task. Processes have different levels of maturity and very few companies reach high levels of process maturity. For example, we do not find many companies that have achieved SEI level 5.

One of the major problems in maintaining a sound process is the lack of good tools. Good tools are needed both for the development related work and process related work. A tool for development utilizes the existence of a good process to increase productivity and quality while cutting cycle times. A good tool for processes helps in tracking the progress of projects and providing valuable feedback for the process engineer.

In the project we propose to develop a paradigm for a tool that caters to some a spects of both kinds. We hope to provide support for software reuse and hence help development.

Using this tool, the entire process can be viewed in an integrated fashion and can be tracked by seamlessly moving across its different phases. Reuse of software artifacts within a project and across projects, can also be manifested in a unified way.

Funding Agency: Departmant of Science and Technology

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