Software Engineering Related Research

Object Oriented (OO) Systems Related Research

  • Glue model for component customization in OO systems - Dynamic client-driven customization in Enterprise Java Beans - ChefMaster augmented glue framework for dynamic customization of interacting components Theoretical foundations to distinguish behavioural extension and behavioural specialization based on object identity in OO - Method Driven Model: A Unified Model for an Object Composition Language to remove sender-receiver asymmetry in OO and to dynamically extend the behaviour of objects based on the state.

  • Role modelling in OO - characterization of Object Schizophrenia Problem (OSP) and its various dimensions - security model for role playing objects Object oriented design function points methodology for cost estimation in OO systems

Software Engineering Related Research

  • Pattern oriented technique for software design with support for measurement models.

  • Software architectural design by composing patterns - leveraging upon pattern interactions for improved quality attributes like reusability, flexibility, etc.

  • Pattern Hybridization model for breeding new designs out of pattern interactions - composing architectures from patterns.

  • Refactoring software designs based on logic rules to infer applicable design patterns with automated tool support.

  • Reusable integrated components of interrelated patterns for software development.

  • Semantics based and multidimensional version management in Unified Modelling Language (UML) and software architectures.

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