Distributed Systems Related Research

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  • Anonymous Remote Computation and Communication - Cluster Computing model that overlaps computation and communication to achieve super-linear speedup for iterative grid computation class of problems - implementation and performance analysis.

  • P-CORBA - CORBA based parallel programming model demonstrates the feasibility of using CORBA - design and implementation of load balancing service and object migration service to handle dynamic load conditions of a cluster.

  • Data centric Concurrency Control (CC) - CC model that allows data itself to have information about consistency - data centric transaction model for three tier systems - data centric approaches for handling causality in distributed mobile systems - spike buster model for web transactions - preferential transaction model for web based enterprise systems - middle tier transaction conflict resolution.

  • EOMP: An Exactly-Once Multicast Protocol for distributed mobile systems: Design, Evaluation and Case Studies - Anonymous Remote Mobile Cluster Computing model for incorporating mobile devices into the cluster - Surrogate Object Model paradigm for distributed mobile systems.

  • Realizing large scale distributed event style interactions over a wide-area shared object space.

  • Yama: A multiprocessor, scalable generational garbage collector for Java.

  • Virat: Internet-scale P2P shared object space

  • Vishwa: Scalable and reconfigurable P2P Grid Middleware - 2.0 Release

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