C++ Driver Contest is a competition organised by DOS Lab, Computer Science & Engineering department of IIT Madras in association with Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology(KIET), in an effort to give back to the education community. Students need to rewrite existing drivers, or develop new drivers in C++ on BOSSMOOL operating system to participate in the contest. The intent is to unearth talent that can contribute further in our continued endeavour to conduct cutting-edge research at DOS Lab, IIT Madras.


IIT Madras, under the guidance of Dr. D. Janakiram, has developed a Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux (MOOL) kernel and has been integrated with Bharat Operating System Solution (BOSS) of CDAC, Chennai. Many of the engineering colleges and universities have already signed up with CDAC for implementing BOSS-MOOL Lab in their institute.


Announcement January 26, 2018
Submission deadline August 30, 2018
Results Announcement September 31, 2018

Getting started

  • Install the BOSS-MOOL distribution using standard Linux system installation procedure.
  • Download the tarball of sample C++ driver and compilation scripts from here.
  • Extract the items from the tarball
  • Change LINUX_HOME variable in to point to the BOSS-MOOL installation directory.
  • Compile the C++ driver by running A loadable kernel module file hello_imp.ko will be generated.
  • Insert the kernel module as root or with sudo:
  • $sudo insmod hello_imp.ko
  • Check the dmesg for the message:
Constructor is being called 
[51444.022662] Hello world!! 
[51444.022664] Module inserted: 
To remove the module: 
$sudo rmmod hello1_imp  
[51535.572623] Module removed: 

Currently tty drivers for Indian languages are being written in C++ for BOSS-MOOL kernel. Apart from the language drivers, the following drivers are selected to be redesigned in C++.


Ethernet Wireless TTY Drivers Block Drivers Character Drivers
inteli b43 vt loop hpet
dlink b43legacy serial brd pcmcia
broadcom hostap   nbd  
cisco brcom80211      

Evaluation scheme

Criteria Weightage Remarks
Usefulness & Difficulty 50%  
Performance 25%  
Completion 15%  
Code Quality 10%  


  • First prize : 25,000 INR
  • Second prize : 15,000 INR
  • Third prize : 5,000 INR

Prizes are sponsered by Kakinada Institute of Technology & Science(KIET)


  1. Linux Device Drivers By Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman
  2. Hello world module using MOOL Kernel

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