Database Design and Lab Course

Open for Registration Introduction:

IIT Madras under the guidance of Dr.D.Jankiram has developed a Minimalistic Object Oriented Linux(MOOL) kernel and has been integrated with Bharat Operating System Solution(BOSS) of CDAC, Chennai. Many of the Engineering colleges and universities have already signed up with CDAC for implementing BOSS-MOOL Lab in their college.

About Course:

Database Design is an online course consisting of 43 video lectures on Database modeling, design and implementation. Along with the course, there is a lab component where the student is expected to work with a full fledged Database Application and modify it as part of the assignments given in the course. The Database Application named "IIT Madras CPC Rate Contract" program is available as part of BOSS MOOL operating system.

The course need to be completed with in 6 months from registration. First assignment will be sent with in the first month and second assignment will be sent after successfully submitting the solutions to first assignment. A final exam will be help upon successful submission of solutions to second assignment.


Students or professionals who wish to register for the course need to send an email to with your details. On registration and payment of fee to IIT Madras, confirmation email will be sent along with the resources for the course.

We also offer the course to educational institutions and corporates. If you wish to organize the course for a class or a team, get in touch with us at We will get back to you.


Student need to work on the aforementioned assignments given as part of lab course and submit the solutions to IIT Madras for evaluation. A final exam with objective type question paper for a duration of 2 hours will be held on the Database Design based on the video material. For the students who registered individually, this exam will be conducted online.


At a specific schedule time in the week (1 hour) Prof. D. Janakiram and TAs will be available online for any support required for doing the assignments or doubts in the video lectures.


Rs 5000/- will be payable to IIT Madras for each student.
Draft may be drawn in favour of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras payable at chennai and sent to DOS lab,Room No-345, Department of Computer Science, IIT Madras, SP Road, Adyar, Chennai-600036


All students who submit assignments and appear for final exam will be given a certificate by IIT, Madras based on the marks secured by them.

1. More than 90%   Elite+Medal
2. 60% to 89%   Elite
3. 35% to 59%   Successfully Completed the Course
4. Less than 35%   Certificate of Participation
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